Climb to Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

I’ve dared to dream of going to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, and I need your help to make it happen! This page is dedicated to my journey to 2020 and how you can get involved, follow my story and be part of my dream.

I’m fundraising to make it happen

Over the next 15 months I’m going to be training really hard and travelling to as many international competitions as I manage to raise funds for. Below is a timeline and estimated costs to attend some international events in 2019 and 2020 up to and including the Olympic Games. I’m also raising funds to assist with local expenses such as coaching, physio and lost income while training and travelling.

I need your help!

I’m aiming to raise between R 130 000 and R 200 000 over the rest of 2019 and first half of 2020, the more I raise the more comps I can go to and the more time I can dedicate to training.

Here is a timeline of my expedition

You can help me get there by:

  • Following my funding campaign and sharing it in your network;
  • Donating any amount of money on my Back a Buddy page;
  • Or donating into my PayPal or personal account
  • Attending my fundraising events;
  • Connecting me with free accommodation (family and friends) at the event locations;
  • Connecting me with companies who may want to sponsor me in some way; AND
  • Following me on Instagram and Facebook

By investing in me you invest in the future

South Africa has some amazing and well known rock climbing destinations, we are definitely on the world map. I want to grow the competition climbing scene too and put South Africa and Africa further onto the international stage. By embarking on this campaign and following my dreams I hope to inspire future generations to believe in themselves, to dream big and to follow their dreams too! To make this happen I need your support.

Sport Climbing at the Olympic Games

Climbing is being included in the Olympics for the first time in Tokyo 2020.
The three disciplines of competitive sport climbing (bouldering, lead and speed) will be combined to determine the winner. This means that climbers trying to qualify need to train all three disciplines simultaneously: it’s like trying to sprint 100 meters, run the marathon and do the high jump. I’ve already put many hours into planning my training alone! Plus many many more actually training and recovering.

Who gets to go and how do I qualify?

As a new sport in the Olympics there is only 1 medal and 20 competitors each for male and female categories. Wait, what, only 20 female competitors?! Yes, only 20. Fifteen of these spots are reserved for the best in the world and the remaining 5 are continental spots, one of which is for Africa.

I want this spot and I need your help!

The African spot will be given to the winner of the Africa Cup which will take place early in 2020. Further to this SASCOC (South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee) requires a world ranking which means attending as many world cup and world champion competitions as possible. The higher my ranking the better my chances of getting permission from SASCOC should I win the Africa Cup. Attending world competitions is also essential for world level competition experience and practice.